About Us

Who We Are

We're Housewares International since 1988, we have been a standard-setting leader in global sourcing. We design, manufacture, market and distribute products at such a refined level of quality, efficiency, ethics and savings that leading retailers and wholesale distributors in North, Central and South America have chosen us to be their strategic partner.

What We Do

We create and make things. If you need an idea, we design and source a trend-setting product for you. If you already know what you want, we create a customized supply chain to build it. This includes selecting the right factory, providing on-site quality control, optimizing logistics and distribution ? all at an exceedingly competitive price. We are particularly strong in glassware, ceramic ware, kitchen ware, home décor, home storage and pet products.

How We Do It

We have assembled a remarkably imaginative, innovative and highly experienced new product development team. Our sourcing group has built a network of manufacturers who are unstinting in their efforts to provide flawless quality, rigid safety and employment compliance and on-time delivery performance at the lowest cost. Yet, we are continuously exploring for and testing out new factories to complement our best in class service.

Where We Do It

Our employees are in the USA and China and our manufacturing partners are located in Europe, Asia and North & South America working around the clock to deliver top-grade products to our clients and their customers.

Who We Do It For

Our customers include nearly all channels of retail trade from brick & mortar merchants such as Target to e-tailers like Zulilly, to direct response catalogs such as LTD Commodities, to TV shopping like QVC.

Why We Do It

We do it because we're obsessed with designing, fabricating and distributing highly crafted, functional and value-priced products for our customers. We approach each sourcing project with a high degree of energy, enthusiasm and can-do attitude. Because we don't just want to earn your business today. We want to earn it for life.