Housewares International is dedicated to help stop the spread of Covid19. We give all non-essential workers the resources needed to successfully work from home. For all essential workers, we have implemented a strict 6 feet social distancing policy. Housewares International has provided all employees, essential or not, with masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.

We are dedicated to keeping our employees and community safe. Although the LA Mart maybe momentarily closed to the public, Housewares International is still dedicated to providing consumers with elegant, chic, housewares products. We are working from home to keep your home looking beautiful! By adding modern touches to classic styles, Housewares International creates timeless designs that will turn any room into your favorite room!

As our community navigates through uncharted waters, we promise to continue to help turn houses into homes. Fill your house with comfort, fill your house with love, fill your heart with joy!